Life’s a Beach: Part 1

Growing up by the beach, a bathing suit has always been a necessity. Have I always been comfortable in one? No. As I’ve grown to love myself more and more, I’ve embraced my bathing suit bod and hope to spread that love to each and every girl in this world. I’m currently in a two piece swim suit from forever21 plus, the top and the bottom is a 2x, I did have to tie the top a little tighter than usual but it was still fitting. For the next few weeks I will be testing out swimwear from many other plus size swimwear companies as summer comes around. Who’s your favorite swimwear brand? Anyone you want me to review? Comment below! Thank you all for reading as always and don’t forget to subscribe for new posts and follow my other platforms as well to keep up with me!

– Morgan Marie

Winter Recap: Olive and all its greatness

During these colder months there’s been nothing I’ve fallen in love more than olive and everything it has to offer. Not too dark, while also being not too light, it’s been perfect for all my evening affairs. From date night to girls night out; olive has done some justice these winter nights. What was your favorite color to wear this fall/winter? What colors are you looking forward to rocking this spring? Comment below and don’t forget to subscribe on the right! Love always

– Morgan Marie

The What and The Why

One thing I’ve never been is…small. Growing up, I was always “above the curve” as the doctors put it. While I was in love clothes since day one, the thing I hated the most was SHOPPING. Being at the store with my mom and grandmom, we all went round and round in terms of what was appropriate for my size. I know that their intention was only to protect me, but sometimes it felt as though I’d never be able to be in the outfits I truly wanted to wear. From that point forward I knew that not only would I always want to be comfortable in what I wore, but I wanted to be able to help others feel the best in whatever they want to wear. Fast forward years later and here we are, I am 22, I work in retail and everyday I put men, women, and kids in exactly what their looking for and I love every minute of it. I decided this year that I wanted to expand that feeling to as many as I can, and that’s how aclosetfull came about. I want the mom or the grandmother with the daughter “above the curve” to not worry about what she has on, but to be assured that she’s comfortable in it. I want that little girl whose “above the curve” to always know that she is BEYOND the curve and that she can set her mind to do whatever and wear whatever she pleases. I hope you enjoy all the content I’ll have for you all from this point forward as we will celebrate other brave women in the fashion world, clothes and shoes that make me smile, and all the greatness that this beautiful world has to offer. I am available to all and any questions; you can reach me at any social platform to the right. Hope you all enjoy!


-Morgan Marie