Morgan, WHERE have you been??

Honestly, Drowning. I was drowning. I could feel it getting worse and worse and eventually got to the point where I had completely shut down. I kept telling people I was fine, going on through my day as if I was my typical happy self. In the beginning of May, I lost my cousin and being basically an only child(my siblings could be my parents lol.), I’ve always enjoyed and appreciated my relationships with my cousins, they’ve taught me things, protected me, and have always made me feel special, which I will forever be thankful for. Losing him wasn’t easy for any of us and these last few months have not been my best at all, but losing someone I had some great memories with, someone who had just started a family, it was the icing on my cake. I continued to bury the pain I was feeling and it was making me worse. Other things have taken place over the last few months, which I will one day speak on when I’m ready, but for now I am breaking the ground with just acknowledging the fact I haven’t been happy for a while. I thought I couldn’t have any issues because I am so used to being there for everyone else, I’m the hero, the yes man, and it literally drove me up a wall that I couldn’t help myself as much as I help everyone else. However, one day, a really “down” day at that, I had a good friend of mine leave me an audio message reminding me of my worth, and you wanna know what I did? CRIED. and I cried HARD, because it took that one moment for someone think about me to make me realize, I AM ALLOWED TO NOT BE OKAY, I thought I had to hide my feelings because I was so worried about everyone being upset that I was upset, I lost my happy somewhere in between. I was reminded that people are willing to listen to me just as much as I listened to them and it was okay to let others know I am not feeling my best. My purpose is to help others, I know that, but I also now know that it’s okay for others to help me too. I may not be 100% but I promise you all I’m getting better and I promise you IT GETS BETTER. If you are not feeling yourself, it’s okay, when you’re ready, talk to someone. Thank you all who have checked on me, you don’t know how much it has meant to me. I will be getting back into the swing of blogging/vlogging, I promise! I will also be taking this journey with you all, because like I said, I know I’m here to help someone else and I will always tell my story to help someone in theirs. Feel free to comment, email, or DM as always, I’m still always here for you all as well!

-Morgan Marie

Vision Board 2018

Hello loves,

Last post I talked about goals and achieving them, my favorite tool is a vision board! In my video above I broke down my vision board hoping to inspire others to push for their goals. Watch and let me know what you think! Subscribe to my channel for any video updates!


S/N: Forgive my editing and rambling lol

Love always,

Morgan Marie

Goals: Will I ever reach them?

Hey Everyone!

We all have goals, whether short or long term, we have things we want to accomplish in a given time. Sometimes we may not hit them on time, but the feeling we get when reach our goals is absolutely amazing! Every year, I create a vision for anything I wish to accomplish for the year, I started last year and I can truly say it helped me, having a visual aid that reminded me of what I needed to work on made a huge difference. Setting goals is one thing, but actually believing in them is another! You can say you wanna do something, but don’t let a minor setback from any of your goals stop you from achieving them. God gave us all strength for these exact moments. Even if you gain a pound instead of lose one, or you didn’t get all A’s, or even if your new recipe didn’t come out right, YOU ALWAYS HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE. Don’t beat yourself up, continue to grow and glow my loves.

Sidenote: I’ll be posting my first youtube video tomorrow around my 2018 vision board and my personal goals for this year. Make sure to tune in for tips on your vision board!

Love always,

-Morgan Marie

Blessings on Blessings on Blessings

“Oh God!” in my Big Sean voice lol. Hello everyone! I hope this first quarter of the year is treating you well! 2018 has been quite amazing so far for many. In my own personal world, my world has been in a lot of transition. While all transition is good, I can definitely say I have truly began to “adult”, now I know most of you are around my age, give or take a few years, but I want all of you reading this to know. EVERYTHING COMES ON TIME. Don’t force for things to happen, if things aren’t going your way, its for a reason, God only gives us what we can bare. 2017 was not kind to me and my family at all. At one point I can honestly say, I had given up, there was nights I cried because I began to lose sight of the end goal. I’m telling everyone this to let you know, it gets better right on time. We go through things so we’re shown what we’re capable of and what we can do to help the next person or people who come across our path. I close off with telling you this, it gets better, and I can promise you that.

Sidenote: It’s our anniversary! I want to thank each and every one of you all that visit and read my posts. My goal is to always speak from the heart so I can inspire anyone I can reach. 2018 will definitely be full of greatness, not only in our lives but here at aclosetfull as well. I finally picked a camera towards the end of last year, I really dropped the ball on trying to find time to record though and I apologize, however, I am determined to put time aside this year weekly to film material so you all can see me and make this journey a little closer!

Thank you for reading as always, heres to blessings all year long!

-Morgan Marie

Hello 2018!

Hey my loves!

If you haven’t heard this from anyone else yet, Happy New Year! Coming into this year, I wanted nothing more than to enjoy myself! That is honestly my biggest goal, we only get to live each day once and sometimes I know I can speak for myself when I say that we often push things things back thinking that time will always be there. On top of “living my best life” as we’re all saying these days, I have fitness goals, goals for my blog and business, and goals for my current career as well. Once my vision board is done I will share it with you all, I’ve been behind the wheel, cause I’m still a little holiday season drunk lol. I pray that you all have positive mindsets in 2018 and continue to fall in love yourself this year. I have a strong feeling 2018 will be amazing for many!

P.S. I plan on doing a Q&A in a few weeks, but if theres anything you REALLY wanna know, comment below, or reach out to me on my other social platforms as well!

Live Fearlessly

Sometimes we look in the mirror and it is not always what we want to see, or we are unsatisfied with certain aspects of our lives. As a kid, I hated my knees, between the other girls having something to say, or my grandma squeezing my meaty legs as she loved to call them. I was afraid to wear shorts and skirts, then I decided NO MORE OF THAT. I’ve taken every flaw and turned it into a positive in my life, now I love shorts more than anything! As we grow and fall more in love with ourselves each and every day, we must spread that love and energy to others around us. Compliment the girl with her head down, high-five the kid who may have finished last. It’s all about trying, giving life a chance. so wear those shorts, wear a tank top even if you hate your arms. Walk the mile before you run, try new food. DO NOT BE AFRAID.


Morgan Marie

Not so bare faced anymore?

I haven’t touched a piece of makeup in over 4 years, I honestly became scared of it. No matter what I tried out, I broke out, and it drove me insane. I’ve noticed all the strives makeup companies have made to fit each and every customer and I have finally gotten the courage to explore again. Now I will always be a bare face bandit, but I want to take this journey into makeup to add something else under my belt. I went to ulta yesterday and got matched for the proper foundation shade and it is def a lot more to the makeup game than I was expecting, the picture above is how my face turned out after she was done and I did not break out, nothing was itchy and I was feeling myself all day long! Do you guys have any products you may suggest? Do you do your makeup all the time or are you a bare face bandit 24/7? Can’t wait to hear from you guys!


-Morgan Marie

Life’s Lemons

Hey everyone! I know it seems like forever AGAIN, but life gave me some lemons and I am finally finishing my glass of lemonade lol. I got a new role at work, which I dove head first into and one thing I’m afraid of is failure. So by me wanting to be nothing less than great and trying to live my whole life, I fell apart. After a fun little hospital stay, lots of medicine and 20 pounds less later, I am back to feeling my old self again, just minus the buffalo wings. Ultimately, I want to let you guys know to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Self-love isn’t only about how you love your physical appearance but how you pay attention to yourself, mind, body, and soul. God has never put anymore on me than I can bare, now I’m back on the saddle, enjoying myself again, and preparing more content for you all as well. Still working on the camera cause I want to make sure I pick something that is easy for me to use, I’m a little silly when it comes to that stuff. As always thank you all for reading, you’ll hear from me soon!


-Morgan Marie

Its been a while…

Hey loves! Sorry for disappearing for what seems like forever, some parts of my life were winning more than others. However, I am back and more focused than ever! Considering what I want most from this blog is empower and to let others know it gets better, I will be completely honest on my thoughts over the last few weeks. Between my main job, side hustles, the gym, blogging, my annual vacation, and my personal life, blogging hit the back burner. I would tell myself day in and day out, “write today Morgan.” And nothing would happen, I would go to bed, wake up and make the same false promises. Fortunately, helping others can also find you helping yourself whether in an hour or a month. I had a conversation with a peer about being great, falling in love with yourself first and whatever you put your mind to will happen for you. That’s when I realized I wasn’t fully taking advice I was giving out, yes I have gotten to the point where I love myself wholeheartedly and believing in what venture I want to take part in while being the best at it, but I wasn’t pushing myself to get everything done, now I know there’s only 24 hours in a day, but that conversation gave me the extra push I needed when it wasn’t even about me! It reminded of what I want the most: to help others. As life gives us trials, we have to put our best foot forward, whether on your own two feet or maybe with the help of someone else, keep pushing towards your goals. I hope to continue inspire those around and vice versa. New content will up very soon as promised! Thank you all for your support! Any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to e-mail, DM, or drop a comment below!


-Morgan Marie

Life’s a Beach: Part 1

Growing up by the beach, a bathing suit has always been a necessity. Have I always been comfortable in one? No. As I’ve grown to love myself more and more, I’ve embraced my bathing suit bod and hope to spread that love to each and every girl in this world. I’m currently in a two piece swim suit from forever21 plus, the top and the bottom is a 2x, I did have to tie the top a little tighter than usual but it was still fitting. For the next few weeks I will be testing out swimwear from many other plus size swimwear companies as summer comes around. Who’s your favorite swimwear brand? Anyone you want me to review? Comment below! Thank you all for reading as always and don’t forget to subscribe for new posts and follow my other platforms as well to keep up with me!

– Morgan Marie