Blessings on Blessings on Blessings

“Oh God!” in my Big Sean voice lol. Hello everyone! I hope this first quarter of the year is treating you well! 2018 has been quite amazing so far for many. In my own personal world, my world has been in a lot of transition. While all transition is good, I can definitely say I have truly began to “adult”, now I know most of you are around my age, give or take a few years, but I want all of you reading this to know. EVERYTHING COMES ON TIME. Don’t force for things to happen, if things aren’t going your way, its for a reason, God only gives us what we can bare. 2017 was not kind to me and my family at all. At one point I can honestly say, I had given up, there was nights I cried because I began to lose sight of the end goal. I’m telling everyone this to let you know, it gets better right on time. We go through things so we’re shown what we’re capable of and what we can do to help the next person or people who come across our path. I close off with telling you this, it gets better, and I can promise you that.

Sidenote: It’s our anniversary! I want to thank each and every one of you all that visit and read my posts. My goal is to always speak from the heart so I can inspire anyone I can reach. 2018 will definitely be full of greatness, not only in our lives but here at aclosetfull as well. I finally picked a camera towards the end of last year, I really dropped the ball on trying to find time to record though and I apologize, however, I am determined to put time aside this year weekly to film material so you all can see me and make this journey a little closer!

Thank you for reading as always, heres to blessings all year long!

-Morgan Marie

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  1. BLESSINGS!!!! I live a large city but feed my birds, whoever is still around in my small very green backyard I so wish that those very STUPIDLY caring for nature people would learn NOT to feed wilderness and birds with commercially sold, means GMO garbage I make my organic cane sugar thick-syrup with highly purified Spring water for my tiny hummers, I feed finches and other visiting small birds with ORGANIC seeds, those I use myself (flax seeds, sunflower, millet etc,) also fresh organic oranges cut in halfs, and I keep my little running water Fountain purified ..

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