Its been a while…

Hey loves! Sorry for disappearing for what seems like forever, some parts of my life were winning more than others. However, I am back and more focused than ever! Considering what I want most from this blog is empower and to let others know it gets better, I will be completely honest on my thoughts over the last few weeks. Between my main job, side hustles, the gym, blogging, my annual vacation, and my personal life, blogging hit the back burner. I would tell myself day in and day out, “write today Morgan.” And nothing would happen, I would go to bed, wake up and make the same false promises. Fortunately, helping others can also find you helping yourself whether in an hour or a month. I had a conversation with a peer about being great, falling in love with yourself first and whatever you put your mind to will happen for you. That’s when I realized I wasn’t fully taking advice I was giving out, yes I have gotten to the point where I love myself wholeheartedly and believing in what venture I want to take part in while being the best at it, but I wasn’t pushing myself to get everything done, now I know there’s only 24 hours in a day, but that conversation gave me the extra push I needed when it wasn’t even about me! It reminded of what I want the most: to help others. As life gives us trials, we have to put our best foot forward, whether on your own two feet or maybe with the help of someone else, keep pushing towards your goals. I hope to continue inspire those around and vice versa. New content will up very soon as promised! Thank you all for your support! Any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to e-mail, DM, or drop a comment below!


-Morgan Marie

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