Life’s Lemons

Hey everyone! I know it seems like forever AGAIN, but life gave me some lemons and I am finally finishing my glass of lemonade lol. I got a new role at work, which I dove head first into and one thing I’m afraid of is failure. So by me wanting to be nothing less than great and trying to live my whole life, I fell apart. After a fun little hospital stay, lots of medicine and 20 pounds less later, I am back to feeling my old self again, just minus the buffalo wings. Ultimately, I want to let you guys know to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Self-love isn’t only about how you love your physical appearance but how you pay attention to yourself, mind, body, and soul. God has never put anymore on me than I can bare, now I’m back on the saddle, enjoying myself again, and preparing more content for you all as well. Still working on the camera cause I want to make sure I pick something that is easy for me to use, I’m a little silly when it comes to that stuff. As always thank you all for reading, you’ll hear from me soon!


-Morgan Marie

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