Live Fearlessly

Sometimes we look in the mirror and it is not always what we want to see, or we are unsatisfied with certain aspects of our lives. As a kid, I hated my knees, between the other girls having something to say, or my grandma squeezing my meaty legs as she loved to call them. I was afraid to wear shorts and skirts, then I decided NO MORE OF THAT. I’ve taken every flaw and turned it into a positive in my life, now I love shorts more than anything! As we grow and fall more in love with ourselves each and every day, we must spread that love and energy to others around us. Compliment the girl with her head down, high-five the kid who may have finished last. It’s all about trying, giving life a chance. so wear those shorts, wear a tank top even if you hate your arms. Walk the mile before you run, try new food. DO NOT BE AFRAID.


Morgan Marie

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