Not so bare faced anymore?

I haven’t touched a piece of makeup in over 4 years, I honestly became scared of it. No matter what I tried out, I broke out, and it drove me insane. I’ve noticed all the strives makeup companies have made to fit each and every customer and I have finally gotten the courage to explore again. Now I will always be a bare face bandit, but I want to take this journey into makeup to add something else under my belt. I went to ulta yesterday and got matched for the proper foundation shade and it is def a lot more to the makeup game than I was expecting, the picture above is how my face turned out after she was done and I did not break out, nothing was itchy and I was feeling myself all day long! Do you guys have any products you may suggest? Do you do your makeup all the time or are you a bare face bandit 24/7? Can’t wait to hear from you guys!


-Morgan Marie

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